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On the surface, https://joocasinologin.com is quite an interesting case. It is a particular blend of old and new. The dark blue primary color of the site is somewhat old-fashioned and doesn’t go hand in hand with the luxurious illustration of the casino.

The world of colors appeals to us Australians, but the name Joo Casino is confusing because it combines Australian antiquities with the English language. Special solution.

Navigating the site is relatively easy, although there is a lot going on all the time and something to click on. For example, it takes a while to find the point where you can check the bonus redemption. The menu is clear, but the bonus terms for different campaigns, for example, would have liked to be disclosed more clearly. Perhaps the bits move a little slower underwater, as you can watch the roar of Ahti’s beard, waiting unnecessarily long for different points to load.

Joo Casino can be recommended to all players, including those who do not have much experience in online casinos. However, for the very first Joo Casino can be overly complicated. It is best to start playing at one of the easiest casinos.

Joo Casino knows how to work with mobile devices

Joo Casino also works great on mobile devices. Or, truth be told, better than the full version. Usability is excellent, and navigating through the pages is easy. The games are clearly separated from each other, so even the worst pawns get into this mobile casino.

The menu on the side of the site gives you a convenient way to navigate to the games or read about the latest offerings. You can also find customer service contact information here.

Joo Casino Customer Service

At Joo Casino, you can get in touch with customer support both through chat and email. The customer service department is staffed by Australian employees, but English-language service is not always available. Don’t be surprised if the chat is written in English font. If you absolutely want to do business in English, you can ask if there are Aussies there or send an email. This can also be done with the help of a translator.

  • Livechatti is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, most of the time in English.
  • Customer service email address.

The casino also has a pretty extensive FAQ section, but I don’t think you can find it anywhere. If you need help, answers to frequently asked questions can be found by logging out with the customer service button.

Joo Casino’s withdrawal experience

There are many ways to transfer money, but the downside is that Joo Casino takes fees for making deposits using multiple payment methods.

Joo Casino handles withdrawals using a traditional formula, meaning the payment department handles them manually. Thus, it can take up to several days to transfer the money. Let’s bet that the casino will gradually correct its practices here, as several contenders have entered the market offering free withdrawals in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, these challengers don’t allow for a variety of payment methods like Joo Casino, so in that sense, the competition isn’t exactly straightforward.

In our experience, withdrawals occur at a fairly variable rate. Sometimes the winnings show up in your bank account the same day, and sometimes you have to wait a few days. The casino itself will help you use Trustly if you want a quick withdrawal to your bank account.

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